Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers for v0.04!
Victoria is married to your brother and is, thus, your sister-in-law. She is the one who hid the Mysterious Key in your Basement. She was a subject of the experiments at Area 69, and doesn't want your brother to find out.

Meeting Edit

You first meet Victoria when you return to your home after completing the Deeper into Area 69 quest. She shows up just as you are about to call your brother, and somehow mysteriously knows that you know about her. She offers you her body in exchange for you not telling your brother what you know.

Area 69 Computer Terminal Edit

When researching Victoria on one of the Area 69 Terminals, the computer outputs the following information:

Victoria Simpson, a subject for the HRSC project, was 18 years old when admitted to GRF-115. Subject was discharged after 3 years of ‘benevolence’.

Subject was recently married, and currently resides in Pleasantville. Subject is still under surveillance, and is still showing symptoms since the incident.

Do not contact subject without authorization from a level 6 or higher staff member.

A Mysterious Affair Edit


After meeting Victoria, she gives you her phone number and tells you to call her. Once you call her, she tells you to come to her Condo in Pleasantville. You meet her there, and although she begins to tell you that she has to revoke her promise to let you use her body in exchange for keeping her past secret from your brother, she breaks down and ends up having sex with you while she's on the phone with your brother—who conveniently is coming home from his extended work trip at that instant. You pack up to leave quickly, but not before noticing a picture of Victoria when she was younger—which looks remarkably like the Creepy Girl you met in Area 69.