Walkthrough Edit

  1. After knowing the location of head henchman during The Head Henchman quest, speak to Sophia on the Beach.
  2. She tells you that she is thirsty and asks you to get her a drink.
    1. If you tell her yes, she thanks you. No effect.
    2. If you tell her to drink your cum, she is taken aback. Your Morality decreases.
  3. In the end, tell her that you will get her a drink. Go buy a Cuma Cola from the Shop.
  4. If you want to add a sedative to her drink, go buy Sedative from The Shady Merchant outside the Pawnshop.
  5. If you give her the drink without the sedative, you remark that it was a waste of money.
  6. If you put the sedative in her drink, she passes out shortly afterwards. You try to carry her back to your home, but the Lifeguard stops you and helps you bring her to the Beach Tower instead.