Walkthrough Edit

  1. Speak to Kim Assfartian after you gain Invisibility. She can be found at the Beach.
  2. Swim out into the Deep Sea by going south from the ocean. Gay Fish is located on a little island. Watch out for sharks.
  3. Gay Fish tells you he wants Sharsticks.
  4. Kill 5 sharks and rip their dicks off. Be careful, as sharks can be challenging to fight.
  5. Give the Shark dicks to Gay Fish. He shoves them in his mouth and swims away.
  6. Go back to Kim and tell her Gay Fish won't be coming back anytime soon.
  7. Kim then asks you to be her photographer. You must direct her poses.
    1. The key here is to take it slowly. Pick the least sexual of the three options each time. It is recommended to save before talking to Kim so that if you make her angry during the shoot and she ends it early, you can try again.
    2. If you make her feel comfortable enough, she will take her top off and then her thong and suggests meeting you later. She also pays you $50.
    3. If you make her uncomfortable, she ends the photo shoot early, doesn't get naked, and doesn't give you any money.