Memories can be accessed through the yPhone menu.

All Memories as of v0.04
Name Acquired By
1 Sisters scissoring Interacting with toy box in Basement
2 Betty exercising in living room On quest Church Job
3 Betty exercising at hospital On quest The Hospital
4 Public bathroom tranny On quest Betty's Valuable Item
5 Kim Assfartian photoshoot On quest The Assfartian
6 Sophia beach lotion On quest The Head Henchman
7 Angel's sugar tits On quest Angel, The Biker Girl
8 Natalie bathroom Sneaking into Natalie's house using a Meditation Pill
9 Abbie in Natalie's basement Sneaking into Natalie's house using a Meditation Pill
10 Carla sleeping in her bedroom Sneaking into Carla's house using a Meditation Pill
11 Stunning Denise at the beach On quest Boobs on the Beach
12 Christina gym reception On quest Christina, The Hipster Girl
13 Lucy exercising at gym On quest Lucy's Pussy
14 Green haired girl in Area 69 On quest The Penetration
15 Mary in the nightclub On quest Ashley-Kate and Mary
16 Shapeshifting unlocked On quest Ashley-Kate and Mary
17 Meeting your sister-in-law On quest Brother
18 Someone in the gym bathroom On quest Lucy's Pussy, look in the bathroom on left side before speaking to Natalie, only during Chapter 1
19 Angel busting On quest Drugbusting
20 New Age Sex Doll Try to have sex with Doll after completing Dolly, Where Art Thou?
21 Sex Doll Pregnancy? Use Meditation Pill to have sex with Doll
22 Emma Wantsome duel On quest The Wiz
23 Fucking your sister-in-law On quest Victoria's Clitoris
24 Meeting Mechanic Ika On quest Dolly, Where Art Thou?
25 Club boss reward: Angel On quest Club Boss
26 Dancing at the nightclub On quest Club Boss, fill in as a dancer 8 times