Lucy is the Cafe manager and is in league with Sophia and Betty in their secret scheming that resulted in you gaining your powers. She is a flirty girl and immediately takes a liking to you. She is also an exhibitionist.

Meeting Edit

You meet Lucy during the Job Openings quest. Depending on your actions, you can get a nice upskirt of her shaved pussy. She doesn't seem to mind. (Note: if you punch her when you meet her, you can get a blowjob from Christina later).

Down the Rabbit Hole Edit

It's Lucy who originally calls you and tells you that the Church wants to hire you, which results in you getting your mysterious powers and embarking on your Supercreep adventure.

Lend to a Friend Edit

Later in the game, Lucy can be found outside the Casino surrounded by two intimidating men. With your powers (of flatulence) you manage to make the men leave. She thanks you, but asks to borrow a small sum of $250.

Money Shot Edit

If you decide to round up the cash and give it to her, she gives you her number and tells you to call her sometime. When you call her, she tells you to come meet her at the Gym. When you get there, she tells you she won't be able to pay you back, but she'll fuck you instead. After giving you a Meditation Pill that turns your dick into some strange pleasure-device, she fucks you right in the middle of the gym in front of everyone.