The Beach is located in the south of Sad Valley and is a popular spot for townsfolk and celebrities alike. To the north is the Neighborhood and to the south is the Deep Sea.

People Edit

  1. Sophia: after you gain Invisibility, Sophia can be found tanning to the right of the Beach Tower.
  2. Tim & Friend: after accepting the Boobs on the Beach quest, you can find Tim and his friend peeping at girls from behind a tree on the right side of the beach.
  3. Christina's boyfriend: can be found with lounging with another man on the left side of the beach.
  4. Kim Assfartian: can be found doing a photo shoot on the left side of the beach.

Buildings Edit

  1. Hotel: located in the top right of the area.
  2. Kiosk: located in the top left of the area.
  3. Beach Tower: located in the middle of the beach.

Key Locations Edit

Scrap Locations Edit

  1. In the garbage bin above the beach on the right side of the whole area.