Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers for v0.04!
Abbie is a petite young girl that was originally Natalie's sex slave. After sneaking into Natalie's house, you can discover Abbie in the basement. After meeting her, she will appear in your Basement and beg you to take her in. She is an accomplished lock-pick. She is one of the few females in the game with small breasts.

Meeting Edit


You meet Abbie while sneaking into Natalie's house after gaining invisibility. There is a magazine laying around in Natalie's living room—and there's a girl who looks suspiciously like Abbie on the cover. She is kept in Natalie's basement behind a locked door. Upon meeting her, you can either force yourself upon her (decreases Morality), pretend to be her master, or free her (increases morality). The first two options result in you having sex with her, which very well could be the first time you have sex with a woman depending on how you play the game.

A New Master Edit

After meeting her in Natalie's basement, Abbie follows you home in secret and appears in your Basement. She has no recollection of how she ended up in Natalie's basement, and likes you better. After you complete the Abbie, The Slave Girl quest, she will help you open the Mysterious Box in your Basement. Later, she helps you open Ashley-Kate's Diary. Abbie asks you to come visit her once a day, but after opening the Mysterious Box and the Diary, speaking to her displays a prompt saying that she's busy eating and you should come back later.

Working for Free Edit

After getting the Club Boss quest, Abbie can work as either a Dancer or a Janitor in the Nightclub. As she is your companion, you don't have to pay her anything.

A Newer Model Edit

After you acquire the Doll, you can attempt to have sex with it in your Basement. However, this makes Abbie a little jealous, and you tell her off a bit rudely, which might have unintended consequences.